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Monday, January 31, 2011

D&D: The New Quest

Well, we got a new quest.This quest requires us to find three gems. So we went inside a cave and saw thirteen goblin minions and two goblin soldiers. We fought and got them down to four: 2 minions and both the soldiers. Then I was unconcious, but my gang killed off the rest of them. Later on, we talked with two orcs and they said, "Give us your weapons."  We refused and then one of the orcs killed his comrade by accident and we killed him. Then in the next room we saw one thief and two minions. We killed the minions, but the thief talked and said, "Please don't kill me! The chest there has $4,000 in it. The wizard [the one we were looking for] is in the next room." Then I cut off the thief's head so he wouldn't try to kill us while we opened the chest. Now we are in the room with the wizard and his two zombie gaurds.

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