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Monday, January 30, 2012

Undead Fortress

Where we last left off we were in front of the undead fortress. We killed the wight guard outside the castle walls (a wight is an undead) and we entered the castle. There were two more wights in the room. Morgan Freeman killed one and we severely injured the other. This big undead monkey appeared and our undead wizard spoke to it. The monkey replied banana, banana, BANANA! The monkey was very unintelligent.
Tune in next week as we finish the wight off and the crazy undead monkey.

This is Thor Zeller signing off.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Little Orc Problem

When we last left off, we were still in the castle. We killed the rest of the orcs and then we dressed up in bandits and mercenary disguises. We made some intimidation and bluff checks to sneak passed the orc-infested town. We failed. Ten orcs saw through our disguises.We had to fight them. There was a big bonfire in the middle of the battlefield so our undead wizard summoned a flame warrior who came out from the flames. He snatched one of the orcs and pulled him into the fire, killing him instantly. I tackled an orc into the fire and he burned to death. (Note: I can't get hurt in the fire since I am a Tiefling so I have a resistance of five fire damage.) Our cleric cast a spell on an obese orc. Since the orc couldn't dodge fast enough, the spell automatically hit and the orc died. All the orcs got scared and didn't attack us. We dispatched the rest of the orcs. After that encounter we saw a two-headed troll. Behind him was a door. He asked us, "What's the password?" The troll gave us a riddle to solve."What's fun to crush that has a gooey treasure inside?" The cleric answered, "The mind." And I said, "The brain." The answer was "the skull". The troll accepted the cleric's answer so we entered the door and found Morgan Freeman on the other side.
Until next time.
This is Thor Zeller signing off.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Winter Haven Adventures

My five fellow adventurers and I arrived in a town called Winter Haven. There, we found a Paladin, a holy fighter, who looked like Morgan Freeman. He wanted us to protect him while he purified an altar that was infested with orcs. We accepted and set off to the castle.

As we neared the castle, two orcs bombarded us with arrows from above. In the courtyard, we saw an ogre on the opposite side of the portcullis. An orc pulled on a lever that opened the portcullis, allowing two of the orcs and the ogre to attack us. As we fought these three foes, our stealthy rogue crept to the other side of the gate. She attacked the one standing by the lever. The orc got scared and pulled the lever again. This caused the portcullis to fall on his comrades, stabbing them to death with the pointy spikes. Our rogue operated the lever and let us in.

Tune in next week as we countinue our quest to the corrupted altar that needs purifying.

This is Thor Zeller signing off.