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Monday, December 15, 2008

The Joker Cookie (Story)

One afternoon Batman decided to make a gingerbread cookie. So he made dough with Alfred, his butler. Over night the dough sat in the refrigerator. The Joker's soul crept in and dived into the dough. The Joker was Batman's nemesis while he was living. He died of happiness.
The next day the cookie was nearly done. Batman and Alfred were happy. When Alfred took out the cookie from the oven, the cookie jumped out and gave Alfred a heart attack. The butler fell to the floor.
Batman cried! The Joker laughed!
Batman said, "You!"
The Joker said, "Yes, me!"
"But how?!" Batman asked.
"I was a ghost, crept into your refrigerator and into the dough!" Joker said with a high-pitched crazy laugh.
Batman dashed over, grabbed the cookie and ate him. He chewed the gingerbread and burped so loudly you could hear him in China.
Suddenly Batman yawned and his eyes felt as heavy as two boulders. He would sleep for hundreds of years unless a true love kissed him.
After a while, Alfred woke up and looked around for the cookie and Batman. He spotted Batman and shook him, but he didn't wake up.

To be continued....

Friday, December 12, 2008

Best Friends

I love my friends because they're fun and amusing. We play card games like 21 and war. Nick, Tom and I play on the computers and PlayStation. We sometimes go to the library with my mom. They make me laugh because they tell jokes and act dorky. Nick and Tom are my best friends, but they're sort of like my brothers because they've been coming over here since I was six years old.

Monday, December 8, 2008


I like Christmas because we decorate a tree and bake cookies for Santa.
We got our evergreen tree at the Staples' Tree farm. The trees smelled minty fresh. At first Mom and I argued about which tree to cut down. I gave in when I got TOOO cold!
Mom and I just finished decorating the tree. We listened to some Christmas songs and filled the tree with colorful lights, ribbons, snowflakes and other beautiful ornaments.
Mom and Santa's favorite cookies are chocolate chip. Wink! Wink! Every Christmas eve we leave out chocolate chip cookies and hot creamy cocoa. In the morning all I see are crumbs too small for a mouse and a few drops of cocoa in the Christmas mug.
What is your favorite holiday tradition?

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I have a cat named Tiger. He likes to play fetch. We throw a super ball and he brings it back. Tiger likes to sleep in the warm sun and eat and eat and eat. Sometimes when he gets scared (like when we have to take him to the vet) he smells like a skunk. He also growls like a dog when people come to our door. He is a fat, happy cat. We got Tiger when he was a kitten. He has been my pet for about four years.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Star Wars

I like Star Wars action films by George Lucus. My favorite is Star Wars: Revenge of The Sith. I like Revenge of the Sith because order sixty-six is when the clones kill the Jedi at the Jedi temple and the planets. It was a surprising moment that took my breath away. Which one is your favorite Star Wars movie and why?

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Twilight Zone

I like The Twilight Zone. It is an old t.v. show. It is scary because you don't know what's going to happen and it teaches you a lesson. My favorite episode is "Beauty is in The Eye of The Beholder". It is about a girl in a hospital with bandages around her head. Doctors and nurses are trying to help her look attractive. You have to see the show to find out what happens.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Tasmanian Devils

Tasmanian devils are cool and awesome. The devils live on an island called Tasmania, south of Australia. They are marsupials which means they have pouches for their babies. About fifty babies are born and forty-six die. Four live because there are four nipples and the babies stick to them for one hundred days. Afterwards they leave the pouch and stay with mom for another fifteen weeks.
These marsupials fight other smaller Tasmanian devils. Whoever loses ends up in the stomach of the winner. Tasmanian devils eat anything and everything like rotting corpses' teeth, bones and innerds. The devils also eat fruit if it is available.
To find out more about the devils go to your library and the Internet.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Marvelous Medusa

Medusa is my favorite mythical creature because she can turn people into stone and she's a girlfriend to Poseidon, king of the sea. She's in the Percy Jackson series book: The Lightning Thief.
The series is a must-read. You learn about Greek mythology while enjoying the adventures of Percy and his friends. We're on book 3: The Titan's Curse.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Halloween Walk

We went to a preserve at 8pm on Halloween night. There were decorative skeletons with different colored lights blinking on and off. Lanterns dimly lit the dark. There was hot cider that smelled cinnamony and yummy treats. The workers gave the kids glow-in-the dark necklaces because it was black as a witch's cat and they didn't want to lose anybody to the zombies in the woods.
While we were walking in the woods, you could hear screaming in the distance which startled us. The mud beneath our feet squished and splattered on my black, leather boots. We walked over thin, wooden bridges and ended up at a witches' encampment.
Two witches sat in front of a haunted rock covered in cobwebs, spiders and skeletons. They told us scary stories about eating livers. The witches looked hideous with warts and green skin and black hair and hats. They cackled so fiercely. I'm sure you could hear it in Massachusetts. Luckily, the witches were nice on that night and let us leave peacefully. I don't know about the other groups, though.
Then we walked to the cemetery which looked creepy. Bones were scattered by one of the tombstones. A nun wearing a necklace made of bones told us a story about a stranger and body parts. The woman in the story died.
After the story we ended up back where we started. We drank hot cider, ate cookies, and hung out with friends.
I would go back next year because you get to walk in the dark woods and listen to spooky stories and drink hot cider and eat delicious cookies. You also get a grab bag full of goodies.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Mr. Poirot

Mr. Hercule Poirot is a character from Agatha Christie's novels and movies. He is a detective who solves murder mysteries. Poirot is a bit chubby and he likes pigs' feet. He's from Belgium.
I chose to be him for a Halloween party. I wore a brown bowler hat and a dark gray suit with a tan shirt, black, shiny shoes and a red bowtie. Upon my face I had a thin, black mustache. It looked exactly like Poirot's because it was shaped like a bull's horns.
Just like Poirot, I had a cane and walked like a penguin. I talked with a French accent. It felt like I was actually Poirot himself. I felt old, bald and smart.
You should watch or read Agatha Christie's books or movies starring Hercule Poirot!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Grandma, Grandpa, Mom, Dad and I went to Cabela's in Scarborough, Maine. A man at the front door handed me two Cabela golden coins. He told me the coins were for the shooting range at the back of the store. We headed straight there and I got to shoot an oil can. It squirted water at us, but I ducked and it hit Mom and Dad. They were startled and laughed!
We walked to the aquarium in the back right side of the store. We looked everywhere inside the tank for an eel. No luck! We did find big bass, perch, salmon, and pickerel.
In the middle of the store we saw a big mountain with different climates. There were prairie dogs on one side. One was half way in a hole with his rearend sticking out! On another side of the mountain there was a moose in water. On another side there was a scary bear and ferocious wolves. There was also an arctic fox, a fox squirrel, and rams. It was awesome!
As we walked around some more, we discovered a cafe. They had drinks, sandwiches, salads, cereals and FUDGE! We pigged out on the free fudge samples. I especially liked the pumpkin pie fudge. It was my favorite!
I would definitely go back again because there are play station games and toys for the kids. There are guns and hunting tools for hunters and there's a shooting range for anyone!

Monday, October 6, 2008


I went hunting yesterday with my dad. It was fun. I tried to kill a partridge and a groundhog, but I missed them both. My dad shot a partridge so I got to taste it. It was sooooooooooooo good and I tried partridge heart. It was yummy.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Butterfly Life

While we were blueberry picking, we found a fat monarch caterpillar. We brought it home and fed it milkweed. She ate a lot and the next day she went into the pupa stage. Fourteen days later she turned into a butterfly. We knew it was a female because of the thick black lines in her wings. We tagged her, took lots of pictures and then we let her go.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Enemy of the State...
is like "Spy Kids" for adults.