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Friday, December 16, 2011

Kobold's Mansion

Where we left off last week, we saw some statues. My team and I saw an altar with some kobold priests. When we got closer to the kobolds the statues shot out some darts. after we got past the statues and killed the kobolds, we saw a small golden head. (It looked like the Indiana Jones Inca golden head.) We thought it was a trap so one of us shot it with an arrow. Suddenly, the wall behind the golden head crumpled to the ground and there was a secret room with three kobolds. One was a shaman and the other two were warriors with heavy armor. We found out the golden head was made of tin foil and so we discarded it. Out of nowhere a white dragon came out of the shadows and ate the kobolds. You could see them flail their little arms trying to get away and you could hear them scream as they got eaten.

 So that was my adventure. Until next time,
    this is Thor Zeller signing off.

Gingerbread Castle

On Wednesday at a local library, a librarian hosted an Iron Chef Christmas Special. My team was called Alfa. The two of us decided to make a gingerbread castle. Our base was a graham cracker box and for pillars we had two milk cartons. The four corners of the cartons were covered with graham crackers. We used frosting as glue and for snow. We also decorated the castle with Hershey Kisses, candy canes, and candy cane drops.
Have a merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
This is BurttBlurts signing off.