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Monday, April 2, 2012

Soups Up

My D&D adventurers and I went to a town that made stews. I asked why the townsfolk were making so much stew in one day. A man replied that they make the stew so the monster won't eat them. We asked, "What if we killed the dreaded monster?"
A man laughed and said, "You kill a beholder? Ha! No one has killed this beholder and no one will! But if you do kill it, we will give you stew for a month."
I looked at my comrades and back to the man and told him we would do it for free. Then the sun disappeared. The beholder (a giant brain with multiple eyes that has special powers and a huge center eye) blocked out the sun. All of the towns people ran towards the building with the giant pot of stew. The beholder killed everyone, but us.
One of us had a great idea about how to kill the beholder. That person told  the beholder, "Go to the sun. It will give you great powers of invincibility." The beholder went to the sun and got fried. He fell back down to earth and looked like a giant meatball.
This has been another adventure. Tune in next week for another great tale.
This is Thor zeller signing off~

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